My Academic Life

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Early Life

My Early Life

I passed the days of my early life in a small village called Paharpur of Hat Kalupara Union belongs to Atrai Upazilla under Naogaon District. Some days of my early life were passed at Sannyasbari, the native village of my Grandfather, located two miles apart from Paharpur in the same political boundary.

School Life

Perhaps my school life began without any plan. I cannot remember the first day of my school. I also cannot remember when I entered the school at first. Only I can remember, I started my first academic education (Elementary/Primary) at a small school called "Sonnyasbari Government Primary School" situated in the village named Sonnyasbari of Upazilla Atrai under Naogaon district and I studied there very irregularly for about 3 years. I can remember very little about my classes, exams, results as well as about my classmates & teachers of this school. I mostly used to spend my time with playing and flying kites with village boys. There was no burden of study like school going girls and boys of these days. Thus I passed four years of my life in that school (up to class IV) without having the title of so-called ideal student even though some teachers recognized me as good student (not good boy). Actually I have no regular study-assignment from my teachers and no bindings from my parents. I enjoyed those days like a flying bird in open sky. I also studied at a newly established non-government primary school, "Paharpur (Regd.) Primary School", in class V as an icebreaker student for few days.

I shifted to "Dwipchandpur Government Primary School" in the village Dwipchandpur of the same locality in March 1983 as a student of Class V. Actually it was the physical beginning of my school life and also turning point of my life. There I became able to win the attention of Mr. Md. Mohidul Islam, Assistant Teacher, who greatly helped me to build myself. He worked hard for me and prepared all notes & suggestions so that I could secure good marks in exams. Our Head Sir, Mr. Md. Ibrahim, assisted me a lot. Mr. Md. Mokbul Hossain, Assistant Teacher, also took care of me very minutely. With their proper guidance I was able to show my excellent performance in the exams and I got Primary Scholarship for the first time from the school in 1983. The winning of the scholarship opened a new window before me.

I completed my Junior High School & High School Education from Dwipchandpur R. M. High School located just adjacent to my Primary School. Here I became able to improve my performance day by day. While I was in class VII [Grade VII], I came in touch with Mr. M. A. Karim, Head Master of Paikara High School, a highly educated and resourceful teacher of that area I lived. His proper guidance helped me to do better day by day and thus I became able to secure first position in the Scholarship Exam of Class VIII. Frankly speaking, the teachers of my own school had little influence on the way of my study.

In class IX, I earnestly wanted to transfer my school, but could not. I was totally abstained from regular classes of my school for first three months together. But finally I had to continue my study in the same school for some unavoidable reasons. While I was in class X, I was blessed with the touch of a famous and talented teacher of the area, Mr. Elahi Box Sarkar, Headmaster of Bandaikhara High School, one of the oldest & reputed school in the district. His valuable instructions, constant inspiration, enormous patience and affectionate guidance contributed to my academic experience throughout my student life. Till Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination, I studied at Dwipchandpur R. M. High School and at last earned my first formal academic degree in 1989 in Science Group with remarkable success. Thus I spent my golden days of my early life being encircled with the love and affectionate of my parents, teachers and many unknown well-wishers at a remote but lively small & green village called Paharpur without knowing the reality of life.

College Life

My college life was very short but full of confrontation. As I studied in a remote area and passed my SSC from a unknown School, I had little idea and information regarding colleges and the way of getting admission into a good college. After SSC exam, while other students were very serious about getting admission into a good college, I used to pass my time here and there doing nothing. Even I could not know the system of admission test for good colleges. Teachers of my school told me I would be able to get myself admitted into any good college showing my marks only. But the reality was totally different. At last I became able to get myself admitted into New Govt. Degree College, Rajshahi, the 2nd ranked college of the city. Here it should be noted that for the first time I visited Rajshahi alone myself for admission purpose and I was the first student from my known locality who had a chance to study at Rajshahi.

But I was seriously shocked for missing the opportunity of studying at Rajshahi College, the most prestigious college of Rajshahi Board. I couldn't accept this unavoidable situation. I passed most of my time thinking this. I had no attention to my studies. At last I achieved my second degree, Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), from New Govt. Degree College, Rajshahi, securing highest marks among the students of the college in 1991. Thus I passed the worst time of my college life without having the satisfaction of fulfillment.

It is necessary to refer that probably Batch’91 was the most wired one in college history after the liberation of Bangladesh. We went to classes for few weeks only! In 1990 autocratic military govt. ousted by mostly student protest and hence there was no class. Besides, on 29 April 1991 a powerful and devastating tropical cyclone struck the Chittagong district of southeastern Bangladesh with winds of around 155 mph. The storm forced a 6 meter (20 foot) storm surge inland over a wide area, killing at least 138,000 people and leaving as many as 10 million homeless and the storm caused an estimated 1.5 billion dollars in damage. Thus the education system was greatly hampered. Classes and exams were suspended for months together. We couldn't able to appear for ''exam'' in time and finally we sat for HSC exam behind the scheduled date.

Entering BUET

Entering in BUET was another miracle. From the very beginning I used to write essays on "My Aim in Life" expressing my great wish to be a Doctor, a true doctor, after passing HSC. My parents and relatives wanted to see me as a doctor also. But actually I had no plan about future. I heard about engineering but had little knowledge of its different branches. I had little or no idea about BUET even when I was a 1st year student at College.

Just after the HSC exam, I came to Dhaka for the first time with Mr. Aktar Hossain, a student of Jagannath College (now University), presently a Lecturer at Mollah Azad Degree College, Atrai. Late Md. Mokbul Hossain of Paharpur, Asst. Station Master of Bangladesh Railway and Mr. Ranju, a student of Jahangir Nagar University, had also enough contribution in this connection. They did a lot for me.

I started myself the Admission Coaching (Engineering) at Sunrise Coaching Center, Farmgate, Dhaka for BUET Admission Test. But my uncle, Mr. Mamun-or-Rashid of Export Promotion Bureau, advised me for Medical College Admission Coaching and finally he helped me to shift from engineering coaching to medical coaching at the same center. Frankly speaking, I found no interest in medical coaching. I myself changed my coaching after few days and continued it for BUET Admission only. But I faced difficulties as I had to come to Coaching at Farmgate from Jahangir Nagar university by Public Bus.

I have told earlier that our academic session (College Period) was badly hampered by various unavoidable reasons. Many other problems were associated with Admission procedures also. In that year the admission test for Dhaka University was held first. Medical College Admission Test was held simultaneously. I got chance for admission in Public Administration under 'Gha Unit' and for Biochemistry under 'Ka Unit' of Dhaka University. In the same time I was selected for Medical College Admission. But I took myself admitted in the Department of Biochemistry at Dhaka University ignoring the advice of my family and relatives for getting admission at Medical College. They became very unhappy and angry. People who loved me couldn’t accept my decision.

At last BUET Admission Test was held on September 08, 1992. Classes at Dhaka University were started on September 01, 1992. In that session Dhaka University admitted about double students of its capacity especially in some Science Departments as BUET admission was not held yet. In Biochemistry Department, allocated seats were probably 55, but 110 students were admitted. In the orientation class (my first class at university) Chairman of the Department (I have forgotten his name) asked us who would like to sit for BUET Admission Test and who would leave this class and get admission at BUET if he/she could have a chance for BUET. Surprisingly, except 5 or 7, all students stood up expressing their willingness to get admission in BUET. The Professor was astonished. He asked me why I would get admission in BUET. I had no suitable answer like others. Then he asked about my preference in BUET. I told him about my interest in Civil Engineering without explaining any acceptable reasons. He told me "…….passing from BUET you will not be able to be a teacher of a Private College……….or even you can not be able to manage a job in a farm………"" But then blessed me and said (probably being angry), "Go…… Be Like Dr. F R Khan………… and do your best" and so on….. Till I remember his nice statement and search for its covert meaning. But I have no suitable explanation yet now.

Finally I got myself admitted in Civil Engineering at BUET facing the most toughest, bitter and competitive exam in Bangladesh for the most prestigious university - Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and started my undergraduate life after waiting for one year delay to start the first class on September 26, 1993!

Here I developed not only academic career but also leadership and communication skills. I became able to come in touch with many good friends and talent students of the country as well as highly educated & well-equipped BUET Team. I think it is a great achievement of my life. I feel proud of my beloved institution as I think BUET is an exception in terms of its standard and transparency in context of Bangladesh till now.